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Hello my beautiful Cheer family! I want to talk #Goals and the truth about setting goals.

Before I get into all that I have a confession to make...for many years I did not set goals in my life. I let a lie in my head tell me over and over "what is the point? You will never follow through with your goals?" That one single voice, one single lie in my head held me back from so much for so many years. I talked myself out of trying to get good grades in school, playing sports, high school cheerleading (I know crazy, right ) and that lie even held me back as an adult. I started to believe that lie in all areas of my life.

It wasn't so much about setting "goals" it was the fact that I never thought I would accomplish much...I never wanted to put myself out there for fear I would fail or not follow through or not be "good enough" It's sad when I think about it but then I realize why that lie was happening and it changed everything.

You see our minds are designed to keep us safe, for example once upon a time a little girl I know (my sister) at probably age 5 or 6 years old ate too many marshmallows. This marshmallow eating fest made her so sick to the point she threw up! Okay, I know this is TMI but bare with one likes to throw up. It's awful and can be painful and somewhat scary. Well that very marshmallow incident at 5 years old still haunts her as a grown women. Any time she is offered marshmallows all those feelings from when she was little girl feasting on marshmallows comes rushing back and she starts to feel sick before even seeing one single marshmallow.

Her unfortunate incident with marshmallows probably wasn't due to one marshmallow it was maybe the amount of marshmallows she eat or maybe she had a sick bug...whatever the cause was her brain had decided to take the safe route and never eat marshmallows again. Hear me out...marshmallow are actually a great thing to stay away from considering they are not all that healthy for you but what if your mind did this same thing to keep you from things that were healthy for you?

Eventually I realized the lie & story in my mind was just that...a lie. I can and I do follow through! It was hard to discover this at first realizing this lie held me back from all kinds of opportunities. I decided to let it hold me back any more and make it the very thing that could change my life and help others. It set my soul on fire to help as many young girls as I could.

Once I started believing in myself and allowed myself to fail sometimes as long as I was trying. I actually discovered I learned more from my so call "failures" than always taking the safe path. It opened the flood gates of dreaming, setting goals and the mission in my life that I now know to be my life assignment for help young girls set goals in life and encourage others not to listen to the lies in their head.

Setting goals is such a great way to start crushing the lies we may be telling ourselves.

Here is why I believe this is a great start!

Imagine shooting a basketball...You pickup the ball and your getting ready to shoot but you have nothing to aim at... if you aim for nothing you will hit nothing! Same in life, you need to aim for something and even if you don't hit the target on the first try at least you were aiming for something and you are still a lot closer than if you aimed for nothing.

You must first imagine your goals like a movie playing in your mind playing out what you want to accomplish or try and then write it down. Studies show that you are 42 % more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Boom! That is almost half the work right there just by writing them down. Wow! Right?!

let yourself dream limits!! I mean limits! Write it all down the best you can and then start with one small goal a day and work your way up to bigger things.

Maybe your goal looks like "I want to make my bed everyday for 1 week" or "I want to drink a glass of water before 12pm every day for one week" or "I want to say one nice thing to someone every day for a week" start small. Another confession you first goal was that I set for myself was telling myself out load "Good job Casie!" after everything I did...for example "Good job Casie you picked up your shoes & put them away" or "good job Casie you moved your body for 10 mins" lol I know I know sounds crazy but I am telling you it worked! I would laugh and think "yep, I m's official!" lol but what started to happen was the belief in myself. The lie that I didn't follow through was debunked. I did follow through and my small goals started growing and led me to bigger goals and eventually led me to all of you!

I created a free printable below that you can save and use to write your goals on and please feel free to let me know down below what you are aiming for. I would love to be your coach on the sidelines praying and encouraging you. This isn't just for my amazing cheerleaders this also goes for all the Mama's and the Papa's. I am here for you! I am the biggest cheerleader of dreams!

Also if you sign up for my free membership "Pure Access" you will get all my digital printouts and bonus material. Good for any ages all you need is an email.


Coach Casie

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