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How to keep your cool when stress strikes

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Current events and daily tasks can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to rise up in us. Let me start off by saying I am not a doctor and I am sharing some tips that help me & my family and my experiences as a Coach.

Tip #1. Get Moving!

Move your body. Even if you do not feel like it find something you can do to move your body. A matter of fact especially when you don't "feel" like it. Take a quick 5 min walk. If you don't have permission to take a walk you can try jogging in place or jumping jacks. I know it may sound silly but when we move our body our brain starts to "talk" to our body by releasing messages to it that help change our mood. NO will literally change your mood. Okay, so stating our brain starts "talking" sending messages to our body was the simple way to explain what actually happens but there are scientific explanations and proof of what really happens when we start to move our body and exercise and if you would like to research more about it I recommend a couple amazing doctors that explain it a lot better than I. Dr. Daniel Amen a psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist or Dr. Caroline Leaf a cognitive neuroscientist. They are both amazing!

Tip #2. Yoga!

Stretching and breathing can be very helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. With your parents permission you can look up "Yoga with Adriene" on YouTube for yoga at home for free! Yoga with Adriene is my fav but there are plenty of options on YouTube but remember always make sure you have permission to be online. If you don't have time to stretch and do yoga try breathing exercises by taking really deep breaths in making your belly fill up like a balloon and hold for 5 seconds and then slowly breath out for 5 seconds. This always makes me feel so much better.

Tip#3 Dance!

Play a song as loud as you can (depending what time it is and where your are of course) and dance for 30 seconds. I dare you to try and not smile or laugh at yourself. Laughter is like medicine for your soul. This is one of my favorite tips because it also covers tip #1 to move your body. I do this all the time and every time I feel so silly and think if anyone sees me they will think I am crazy lol but here is the thing...I still do it! haha Song recommendations "Put your hair in the air" by Justin Timberlake (Trolls) or "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.

Tip #4. Prayer & Journal

Find a great devotional that you can read daily. There is nothing better that can lift your spirits and provide comfort and guidance during stressful time like the word of God. Also you can start writing things down that are on your mind. Write down literally anything that comes to mind (I call this brain dumping) but make sure to always end with gratitude by writing at least 5 things your are grateful for.

Tip #5 Stop!

Stop what!? Be careful what you are listening to or watching on TV/ipad or who you are around the most. Stop all together or try and limit the amount of time around the things that make you sad. I know I have had experience with a very negative friend and every time I was around her I left feeling bad about myself and feeling down. I love her and I am still her friend but now I make sure to take breaks when I feel her negativity changing my mood. One other thing I noticed that was affecting me was the news on TV. Some times all that bad news at once becomes too much and I start to feel anxiety rise up in me. So I want you to really think on what is making you feel the blues. If it is a sad song or show or social media than make a choice to take a little break or unfollow that person. It will all be there when you get back! Trust me you wont miss a thing.

Tip #6 Join a group!

Of course I am going to say join our cheer club because I know for a fact we will encourage each other and do all of these awesome tips I have listed but if our isn't your thing that's okay find one that best fits you. Surrounding yourself with other people who have the same goals and will encourage each other is a fast track for a mood booster and success. When I am surrounded by amazing friends that encourage me I laugh more and I always feel my spirits lifted. So if our Cheer Club isn't the one for you be sure you do find a group you can meet with that will share similar goals. You got this!!

Please hear me though, I am not saying we can escape stress of life, sad things or people. I am not even saying that these tips will make you feel stress free and happy right away...but it might help you get through hard times and that is my prayer. Real life can be hard and some times life is stressful and it's unavoidable and that's okay because often it is the very hard things in life we grow the most from.

What I am saying is never give up! Never stop trying! If that means you start by trying some of these tips to help you get through stressful times, awesome! If they don't help you right away just keep going, keep trying. If you find your own tips and tricks that are special to you and help, even better! Just make sure you DO SOMETHING! Everyone goes through hard times and no problem is too big.

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Love your Cheerleader of dreams,

Coach Casie

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